Best North African Tours

//Best North African Tours

Best North African Tours

Tourists have traveled from around the Mediterranean to visit Egypt for thousands of years, from Roman emperors and Greek philosophers to British archaeologists and even Napoleon. The Nile River flows from the waters of the Mediterranean into the Sudan and beyond, flooding regularly and imparting the country with the contrasting images of desolate desert and fertile oases. The result is layers of culture captured in the divergent symbols of the pyramids and mosques. Most tourists visiting Egypt think only of the masterful architecture of ancient civilization without realizing the coastline of the Red Sea hosts some of the most popular snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world.

The region also possesses remnants of Roman and early Christian occupation. In 2017, archaeologists uncovered five major relics including a statue of an ancient pharaoh, a funerary garden, the remains of a Middle Kingdom Pyramid, eight mummies, and a tomb left untouched by time and thieves. This year brings the opening of the long-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum, which encompasses a total area of 5.2 million square feet, which is located less than two miles away from the Giza pyramids. The museum cost in excess of 1 billion dollars, spans over 3,000 years of history, and displays more than 100,000 artifacts including the body and golden funeral mask of Tutankhamen.

Best Time to Visit Egypt: The desert climate of Egypt allows visitors to explore different destinations year-round. However, the summers grow incredibly hot, especially near Luxor and Aswan in the south. Areas close to the Red and Mediterranean seas provide reprieve from the summer heat between July and early September with the best weather

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